I feel like I have no one--I am very, very alone. My best friend has made it very clear that she is only looking out for herself, the guy that I'm semi-seeing (long story, but basically I'm not worth committing to) barely even speaks to me anymore. I feel used. Used by my best friend so she doesn't have to go to social events by herself; used by my guy for my body and for a constant ego boost; used by others because I tend to have a happy personality and they're only there for me when things are good and I can make them feel good. I'm just not worth it. My dad emotionally left me when I was 6, my coach/father figure left me after awhile...everyone leaves. My family only loves the side of me that I show them--they would stop if they knew me beyond my one-dimensional facade. I'm And I don't know why.
yolo899 yolo899
Dec 8, 2012