Tired Of The Pain

Everyone always says that someday things will be better. I feel like I need to push through my pain until that day comes, but I don't know if I can without losing my mind. My mom is no help, always bragging about how good of a mother she is and talking about her students. She has not asked me what I did in a day for over three months, hasn't told me I was pretty in over a year and a half. She knows I hate high school, but she is not concerned with why and that maybe I could be depressed. I believe I am, but there is no sure answer without help. I can't stand being around rude kids all day and going home to a mother who ignores me but feels the need to help everyone else around her, making me feel like a waste of space. When I say "I'm tired" because I can't get the words "I'm depressed" out, she says "You should go to bed early" or "You need to eat better." I have given her hints and want help but I don't want to be that burden on my family of being the suicidal girl who no one can talk to.
lizzieb1234 lizzieb1234
18-21, F
Dec 9, 2012