People I Love Never Loves Me Back...

I have a crush with many people since I was kid. And all the boys that I had a crush on never loves me. Even I told them I once had a crush on them, they think I'm joking! Sometimes I really think am I really that bad that no one ever loves me? So till Secondary School I finally got a date but because he hasn't get over with his ex. He broke up with me in a week. And now I have another crush one someone, but today I just knew that he has someone else. I wonder why am I that unlucky? Why just no one ever can love me?
americanogirl americanogirl
13-15, F
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

This happened to me as well. I tell them, they avoid me afterwards and just stop talking to me all together. I don't know how many hobbies i went through just to end up hating them because they remind me of that person [thats how we bump into each other.] I say just focus on what you like to do and wait for someone to confess to you, you may never know.