Today I came home crying... My friend kept on telling me that I should be like my sister but this is who I am. Don't they like me? Or their trying to hurt my heart. I know my story doesn't say that no one loves me but i think friendship is love. I really hope you read my story because i need your opinion. Is this what we call friendship, when one don't accept who you are and wants you to be like someone else? I really hope i can get many opinions to help me feel better. Thank you for reading my story and share your opinions with me. :)
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

Real friends accept you for who you really are. The rest of them are just passengers. Don't confuse advice with denial though. But if they said that exactly, then I would question if they are really your friends or not. They might also had a bad day, another thing to consider here.

Either way, don't let their words hurt you, train your hearth and be what you are, not your sister.