Any Advice?

I am 14 and i really hate myself. The only girl i ever had feelings for kicked me right into the friend zone. My family criticizes everythingi do. I have adhd and i dont do good in school at all. I have barely any friends and i recently started cutting myself and now i cant stop. I dont know what to do.
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why R U cutting yourself buddy? I have addictions. My therapist
helped me by asking me " James what do you FEEL right before
you purchase the beer? I FEEL LONELY!
What do you FEEL right when U reach 4 the ****?
" Well, i dunno ..i feel alone..and i NEED Love..."
this isnt easy ... try to feel your feeelings before cutting.
Your family criticizes U ? Who the hell R they?
What makes them so GREAT?
You can need some support.
There are school councellors , what about taking a chance to
see what they think of what you are experiencing...
I had only a couple guy friends. I didnt date at all. I was sooo
lost, and struggled BIGTIME!
What are your interests?, hobbies? Do you like crafts? ,
art? theatre? Y'know you might get alot of girls liking you once
you find your place... . What about music? Choir? poetry?
Dont make it harder! Just try bits at a time. We love you
here, heck maybe some girls will date you here...we all are
helping one another on here. Some of us are better in this
area , and U in THAT Other Area. You just reach out to some
school counsellor, even social worker in your town or city.
Believe me i really had a ****** life in my hometown.


I have Autism and sadly I'm in the same boat as you.

..maybe consider getting a therapist? ..i had alot of problems when i went to school.
I went to a handful of therapists untl i finally hit jackpot!
Anyway,,, there will be alot of women- the hell with her!!!

Cutting yourself isnt the solution buddy- call a hotline in your area see if there is
a drop - in .... take it slow..dont overwhelm yourself by trying to get THE girl or
whatever it is you feel you may not be offering. I am rambling , you sound like
a nice guy! Righteousmike is right - dont allow others' ciriticism define you; put
up a wall , internally and allow others to offend themselves. You will over come this.
And adhd can be looked after ,too. It is a process. :)

First you need to stop cutting yourself, self inflicted wounds do nothing but scar physically and mentally. You're 14, and I'm sure you're probably hitting the highs and lows of a growing teenage dude, anything somebody says be can taken personal, but the strong ones take that criticism and turn it against those who said it. When I was 14 I was about 80 pounds overweight, antisocial & had no desire to get out of my house. As I grew into my body and started making more rational life decisions( as well as many reckless ones) I started gaining more confidence to branch out and try new things/ meet new people. I'm not going to lie and say that your teenage years are going to be easier, but YOU can make it easier on yourself. Don't believe what others may say about you, what gives them any credibility to their criticism anyway? you have more than a lifetime ahead of you to enjoy to yourself so take the small steps to happiness today