So Lately I've been feeling unloved. It's like the weight of all this pain and hurt has caught up with me and it fills my brain to where I can't think straight. I'm about to be 20 and never had a boyfriend. It's not by choice either, it's just the guys I'm into don't feel the same way or don't know I exist. Ever since senior year my depression has slowly got worse. I want to talk to my grandma or sister about it but I feel like I can't.

I don't even feel close to my best friends anymore. They hang out without me now. Not that I mind right now. One of them knew this guy I had a crush on since kindergarten and even encouraged me to go after him. Well I did an then one day she just started flirting with him and talking about how they use to date back in the day. She started acting weird around me and I knew something was up even my other best friend was. We were all at a bonfire one night and after she left my other best friend told me she slept with him. After all she said to me, after she encouraged me to go after him, she slept with him! It was the worst betrayal anyone ha ever done to me.

After me and my other best friend c
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Maybe it's him that don't deserve you, dear friend,your friend is a idiot cheap person, dont be sad for what she done,it's not your fault ,i promis life will avenge her, and about you, i don't know you but i know its your right to love someone and be loved by someone,some one who fill you, not anyone, im sure and want it from god for you to give you such love to you soon
Contact me if you get arlight I've be happy if a hear you get what you deserve:)

Something to be gained from this is perspective. At 20 I thought I was in love, I thought I found the girl for me and I almost got married. Fortunately I didn't. I am 25 now and past that part of my life. One things to focus on is your depression and relieving that. It appears you can function well enough so seeing a counselor or a therapist would be helpful. This way you can learn to not just operate on the fringes of society but rather be the vibrant person you should be. I've been there ^^ all that you said is close to what I experienced and it's never easy, but focus on bettering and caring for yourself.