The Changes Around Us!

things have changed with time, the way they always do as its a general rule of nature and no body can cease it or make it illegal ...can anybody? i don't guess so, but the question that revolves in my mind that is "how far they can change?"  i have seen climate changing their phases season by season & felt the wind changing their directions, and even saw myself from crawling on knees to running on legs- these were perhaps some of the pleasant experiences that happened around each on of us, but there are some changes that do not affect in any sort of depth or detail but still have an influential effect  on the way we lead our lives,  to be clear in words, i am talking about catastrophe where the INNOCENCE was natural & GETTING HIGH meant on a swing, when DRINKING  meant enjoying the tangy juice, when DAD was hero of my life &  MUM's arm were the most secure  space, DAD"s shoulder was the highest place on earth ,LOVE was the MUM's tight hug. Those were the days when the only thing that could BREAK were the TOYS and the only thing that could hurt were the BLEEDING knees .NOT but not the least when we speak of "goodbyes"- they just meant "SEE you soon TOMORROW .- i am sure everyone of would have similar experiences but have you ever noticed how these unfamiliar words have changed everything around us.
 we speak words, we right words and we live words but unknowingly don't care about them and speak whatever we want no regardless of the thought of it impact on others as well as self. 
we all need to have a perspective of morality that we have lost somewhere, it just needs a reconsideration on the actions we take........wish could ever live the days that were lost far away...........
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AMazing poetry. I feel your concern deep in my heart & the words you wrote are ringing somewhere there. I agree completely A.V. - Life has taken a turn and someone forgot to tell me to turn right too. It feels like everyone has changed for the worse & i have yet to adjust. Yet to accept. I won't because somehow it doesn't feel right to surrender to a world lesser than the one I knew yesterday. Why isn't change easy for me? Because... I learned that there is a third person who had to change. That person is me... in what though????? That Im still learning and seems to be the mystery of life - but I believe that the answer for me is just around the corner. Good luck in your journey my friend. God Bless.

As i sit back and ponder i wonder with all this social media have we devolved ourselves. now think about this we have all this social media and people "connecting" all over, but what happed to the face to face interaction. there was once a day when a child could take a stick and run through the woods and have great fun. where imagination ran free but it seems we are wokring ourselves into a little box. with all this it makes one wonder was the gain of technology our achievement or downfall. i can sit in my room all day and have a conversation with some one in france am i living though? i suppose what may help us all to come out of ourselves may be to try new exciting things away from these worlds we create for ourselves to live in interesting story overall just this is how my mind expounded upon this.

Well said my friend. As we get older, one of the unfortunate things that changes is that we loose our innocence and naivety. Life was so good back then because life was simple and it was a small world that we knew. Little by little the dreams are taken away and replaced by the realities of life.

It is sad. But letting go of the simple years opens us up to a deeper understanding of the world around us and even though it can be depressing at times, we also get to know joy of the same intensity. Much stronger than when we were young and didn't understand.

Keep your head up. Bad things happen in life but good things as well. There is always balance. Enjoy them when they come.

Very well written

thanks,just don't know why i wrote as its 1:19 am here & i feel disgusted about a lot a lot of people around me!

Oh. Idk either