I Wish People Would Listen!!

I am always mad, sad, and crying all the time, everyday!! There isn't one day I have went without crying!! I really want to go to college and start my life and persue and not wait till the last minute but first I have to learn how to drive but that is really difficult since EVERYONE works!! With me not being able to go to college it really has tore me appart!! I am stuck at home doing whatever my parents want me to do!! I just want to be around my friends again!! I feel like I am behind in my life from not going to college!! I really want to fix this problem but I can't!! I don't know what to do!! :( :'( I've been sad ever since I graduated!! :( I wish I was in school again!!
laughsalot92 laughsalot92
22-25, F
Jan 7, 2013