My Daughter

I got a call of the morning Dec 30 2009  at 7:00  On the other end of the call was my son-in-law He told me my daughter is dead.

I still am in shock She was only 30 years old. I have a granddaughter thats Seven.  We dont know what happend Only that God took her to heaven. She was always thinking about heaven and our family that passed away already. We were getting ready to celebrate new years with my mom and dad.

I took two weeks off of work so we could hang out go shopping, out to lunch and all the stuff we always like to do. She was happy that day. they said she passed away 2:00 in the morning from heart failure.

 I miss her so much.  Am I being selfish. Because she has no pain, no stress. She with her real father now.

Who knows why your body gets tired. Theres all kind of reasons. Does it matter?

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I know how you feel ,cause I lost my son and I was in shock when the police officer told me my son was in a single car accident i was so depreesed I cried alot wanting him back.we have to just pray to god for his straenth.over the years it gets easer you will think of the good times that you had with her and you will have the sad day of missing her thats called healing when were crying that healing which is good so I,ll be praying for you I,m hear if you ever need to talk .littleirish

Not a single word from me could change back the whole situation.But at least i hope i can give u some word of comfort.<br />
iT IS hard when u lose someone u love and care,but at the end of the day these things happen to every person. Mybe u are in a deep sad because the time come when u least expecting it. But mourning about someone loss is not too productive. have a good time a and remember the time as u are happy being with them. i believe by sharing the story with others ( which u have already made) can reduce the sadness and grieve.

I agree with KingFail. There isn't anything that we can say to make the pain go away. Time doesn't heal the hole completely (well not with me yet)-BUT it does get easier. I have lost mum, dad and my Grandma. Grandma who i loved more than anybody on this earth. She was my mum, dad, everything.<br />
She never hurt me like mum and dad. I say she is my guardian angel. We may not understand completely but we care and that is what you deserve-Care, Love ,Support. Take care.