At Times

I really do feel like know one really understands me. Even when I have many that seem to. Then, something happens and that understanding is gone. You begin to realize that no one really understands you fully but yourself and yourself alone. And that begins to have a sad effect on you, based on when you realize this. Until then you begin to know that there can only be a few that only know you as much as you tell them, or as much as you both have in common.
In which case. I really hope that there is someone who will really understand me a lot more.
RivoltaSilenziosa RivoltaSilenziosa
18-21, F
4 Responses May 23, 2012

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I too hope that there is someone out there that really understands me a lot more. I hope that you are able to find this person. Good luck : )

It is interesting --- in some ways, we are never alone - in the sense that most often, there is someone somewhere in the world who can sympathize; yet at the same time, only we can truly and fully experience ourselves. Like people say, "You can't take it with you" in reference to material things, but it is also true with people - we live and die surrounded, yet alone within ourselves. We have the love and care of other people, but yet only ourselves. Interesting paradox, isn't it?

Yes, it really is an interesting Paradox.

I feel alone often too. ((hugs))

Thanks. *Hugs back*