Can You See It From My Point Of View?

I sometimes wonder if I'm weird or crazy or is it just that noody understands me. I always try to give my point of view of how I see things and try to see things from all points of view but I always end up being the odd one out or the black sheep.
I don't know what I do and why people can't see it from more than one way. I guess how things are, are how they are going to stay. :(
dazed2u82 dazed2u82
1 Response May 25, 2012

Y'know I totally understand you in this one. I always try to see things from other person's point of view and then I think to myself that my point of view isn't so crazy after all but when I say it out loud it's "wrong" or they just think it's stupid and they don't even consider it. I've learned just to shut my mouth but that's not so nice in the long run.