I Don't Even Know Anymore

I feel so overwhelmed. Everyone thinks i have it so easy, that I'm lazy and have all this free time and just everything! I know it seems like I have such an easy life right now but I don't at all! I have really bad anxiety and its ruining my life. I have awful friends who are mean to me and I hate them. I hate my school and my stupid redneck town! I want to scream and freak out! I feel like I will snap any second and just go crazy on someone. I feel so alone and consumed in my own crazy thoughts. No one understands how I think or feel ever. I can't make them understand because no one will listen to me! I hate that everyone just tell me EVERYTHING about themselves and how hard basketball practice or track practice is. I don't care!!!!! I want to talk about something else for once but no one listens to me!!! I can't say anything. I can't take any of this stupid bullshit anymore. It's making me so angry and sad.
Whatevernevermind1797 Whatevernevermind1797
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

thank you