Whats Wrong With Me?

I am 13 years old,but im starting to think that i should be older.I've always had a loving family,besides the the fact that : my sister sells weed and is always into it with police,my other sister always has to be in a relationship and her boyfriend right now almost blew up our house,my brother has raped my sister and i,has mental problems,has been in rehab 4 times and his new addiction is spice,my dad cheated on my mom and his achohalic behavior dosent help,lastly my mom isnt so bad,but always alters her personality for her boyfriend.Maby i'm not messed up because i've seen all the wrongs in my family,but with all this crazy stuff that i've seen i guess you can say i'm a bit more mature than the people in my class.My friends have been fine to me(i guess)but its just like im too mature and i have to explain to them their wrongs because they havent learned yet about all the things that dont matter(drama :/ )and i know most people would say "just get new friends" but in my very very very small school the only people who dont car are the goth kids and they only talked to me about their cuts,i like life too much to hang out with them and talk about why our lifes are horrible.Honestly this is the first time i'll be telling anyone about this due to the fact that our school cousulor is this lady who has selfisteam issues and has conversations with other ladies about how great it is that her duaghter has a million friends, it's like "your suppose to help me?"and if i told someone this they wouldnt even listen to my problems because theyed be calling CPS before i had a chance to tell them that no one understands me.I'm not anti social but i dont want my friends,and its hard because if i broke up with one of my friends (i only have 2)she wouldnt have anywone.Sometimes i think it should just be me and her and just **** the rest.I really like that plan but i'd think i'd be better as one of those people who say " i dont have any friends" because i find myself wanting this every day.The worst part is no one understands.
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

I don't think there is anything wrong you know, and think sometimes things just happens in life and I think a lot of the things you are saying there most people go through, it's not unusual at all. Personally I think everyone has the moments (long or short) where they think no one understands them or aren't as mature as they are. Which sometimes might be true which means you just haven't met those people yet and sometimes they're just the same as you and don't show it that's all. It just sounds like the friends you have at the moment aren't as similar to you and so you don't connect with them, but I think eventually you'll find others that are more similar to you and you can talk more with.
You're 13 only and I don't mean to sound patronising or anything but I think for most people, the friends they have at this age are school or family friends and they haven't really had other ways of meeting people and new friends. So don't worry too much yh? Sorry this is a bit long btw, I talk a lot...

Okay, so you have a messed up life, you're trying really hard to make the best out of it.. I think you're going really far in life kid. Keep your head up. Keep your friends and add some new ones to the group. Try doing new things. Maybe sports? Just try finding a hobby :) I understand how you feel about being more mature. Maybe start talking to older people. . ? (: hope this helps xx