Sometimes I Feel Like No One Understands Me; It's Like I'm Speaking A Foreign Language...

Sometimes I feel like no one understands me; it's like I'm speaking a foreign language... I'll speak, think I've spoken clearly and the other person will look at me like they are confused. I'll explain again and then THEY will tell me how I feel. Have you every felt this way? God will never leave you or forsake you. He understands what we say or ask even before we open our mouths. You are never alone as long as you have a relationship with the Lord.
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Yes, I am a Christian. I think the problem I have is I have been doing public safety work so long that I grow weary of people and politicians that just don't get the big picture. It's not about them; it's about helping hurting people.

I love animals; it is amazing to me how God's creatures love with an unconditional love. People are so different. Is it because of our advanced intelligence that we are so guarded with our feelings? Many people do not easily share their feelings with others. We have either been hurt in the past or we just doubt that others really care about us. Now on the other hand animals love us regardless of how we treat them, they may hide or tremble but they are very forgiving. God loves us unconditionally too. We hurt him, ignore him and blaspheme him yet he still loves us. He is waiting for us to return, his arms are outstretched. He wants to hold us and protect us.

God help us to understand your love and teach us to love others as you do.

I think we have all felt like that at some point *hug*. Be clear with people, let them know your true feelings, or seek out those who will understand

Maybe it could be good for you to understand other beings, such as animals, as well. You're christian, right? We don't give animals enough credit or respect, and you might want to seek out some mutual understanding from them as well.