It Gets Me Down

There have been times when I think someone understands me, but we're on totally different pages. I've said things on my mind before and the other person replies "oh yeah, me too" and I'm really happy but when they expand on it, it's something completely different to what I meant, and I just nod and say "mm hm." It makes me worried that no-one will ever really understand me.

Grr...sometimes my older brother thinks he knows everything on my mind just because he's been my age before. Really, I'm not as immature as he was :P


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10 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Interaction is too often only shallow and it's hard to break the barrier, because as you said, it's not the "done thing." Imagine suddenly talking about your fears and hopes and dreams when everyone around you is chatting about the latest tv show!<br />
Fear definately plays a part as well. I for one can admit that I'm scared to get close to people because in order to do that, I have to make myself vulnerable.<br />
The hedgehog dilemma is such a good analogy of this. They want to be close during cold weather to share their heat, but end up hurting each other with their quills if they get too close.

"Especially the idea of people who go through their entire lives without anyone else knowing the real them..."<br />
That is heartbreaking. In modern society, where the families are generally not as close knit as they used to be, this seems to happen a lot. There've been too many stories of people dying in their flats and not being discovered for months, years even because they had no close relationships. You would think that we should make more of an effort to connect seeing as we are all on the same lump of rock and water.

Not for all, unfortunately.<br />
Even on EP, I cant be entirely open :(<br />
(Someone from my school has an account here and I dont want him to read my stories or know that much about me)

Yes it is :) My head would explode if I didn't have this place to offload onto. I think it is encouraging me to change too.

And EP is a good place to start being open :) I have changed a whole heap since I joined. I'm ever grateful for this place.

I find it hard to be open as well. It's something I've taken up fairly recently. If only I could as open outside of EP.

I'm reminded of myself so much when I read your stories, except for one difference: I'm not as open when it comes to expressing things the way you do. I wish I could be like you.

"I just find it really sad that everyone has so much stuff going on inside, like a whole world, but it's rare that others get to see any of it."<br />
I've always thought that but I have never been able to find the words to express it. Great, thanks! :)

I just find it really sad that everyone has so much stuff going on inside, like a whole world, but it's rare that others get to see any of it. <BR>I see what you mean by the bigger picture. I always wonder if they're just like me. <BR>I love my brother really. He's great, but I don't think he knows me on that level.

Don't worry, there are a lot of people who think exactly like you do in most cases. Heck, I might be one of them.<br><br><br />
But maybe the things that other people say, that don't seem to have anything to do with you at first glance, do in fact relate to you in some cases if you just listen and try to see the bigger picture.<br><br><br />
People who think they know everything tend to get on my nerves as well. My older siblings were quite mature during their teens, like me, but my oldest step sister is so immature that I sometimes can't stand her. She's alright deep down but still.