Starting to Resent It

I'm starting to resent the few people who are in my life because i feel they don't understand or don't want to understand me half the time.

It's as if i'm on completely different wavelengths from people who i have considered to be my close friends for years yet they don't seem to care. I feel like i'm becoming depressed with the situation but don't feel close enough to anyone to tell them how i feel.

I sometimes wish i could just meet some new people who actually understand me but i'm beginning to wonder if they even exist.


ArtificialHigh ArtificialHigh
1 Response Feb 21, 2009

I know that feeling, and sometimes it doesn't matter how much you try to find them it seems that such people don't exist, but be strong, on my own personal experience I have found that if you keep looking you are bound to find someone.