Yes, I've experienced some awful ****, but I refuse to be a victim! That mentality is anathema to me! Why should I get hung up over it? Men can be incredibly ugly at times, they're not strong emotionally, psychologically, they are burdened with this force of need to mate.

Yes, women also like to partake in carnal pleasures, but it is for something else. Women are giving, but too we take! We take a lot of **** because we are viewed differently, true. Over the centuries, I guess. But just as men need women women need men. I was raped because a man couldn't be strong enough to not rape me.

No, I didn't enjoy it! There was only horror. I was a virgin. It wasn't how I wanted to give myself to a man, that was taken from me. But men did ultimately rally to my aid, and show the strength to deal with what had happened to me. The policeman who captured my assailant was glad he resisted arrest. He got some hard treatment himself.
Lecuyer90 Lecuyer90
26-30, F
Aug 19, 2014