Alone And Defenceless

same here, my family makes me sad  ever since i was a kid i been seemingly sensitive, i always cry now i still cry for what has happened in the past and that my mom thinks im useless im stupid and pathetic no one cares about me even now its harder, people hate me for who i am and who i've been and my appearences  i only have a two friend who accepts me and understands how i feel, i've been alone and as if i am alone in the dark defenceless of not letting the light come now i've found people as myself alone too but someday you'll have to confess your feelings sooner or later so that they''l know how you feel and what you struggle if your alone and left out and stop hiding the truth from others i reccomend you get help form kids help phone its a step away to freedom so try it out i've never done so but i'll do it when i am older anyways i'll help and once those people tell what has happened to you to families and friends they'll soon understand it, and you will find yourself bound to find what you are looking for but right now just enjoy your life and later on tell others what has happened all along

karameltz karameltz
13-15, F
Feb 28, 2010