I Like Using Rhymes To Express My Emotions

You ever love someone so much
You think it's just luck
You met this wonderful person?
But even as such
You wish you had a gun
And you could be done

You give up on yourself and your life
But you can't just surrender
They already would've rendered
You obsolete, you big old spender
You mess up your life
'Cause you wish you just had a

Father who knew you
Could show you
The fortune
Of life and the living
But there he goes shimmering
Off in the distance
You try to show resistance
With your pathetic existence

But you can't
You just break down and cry
You feel ruined by
Being that guy
Who's so shy
Your whole life's a riot
Just a joke
You can choke
Not provoke
Your heart's broke
At least you ain't on something worse
Yeah, like coke
Or like crack
You get stabbed in the back
You get mental attacks
You don't know just jack

'Bout life
It's a game
You're playing it lame
It's a shame
Ain't that the reason you came?
GreenManley GreenManley
22-25, M
Jun 4, 2013