I'm in charge of my church's upcoming Christmas drama and it's so stressful! I'm not fluent in bahasa and I had to make the drama from scratch. I did everything. From script-writing to directing despite not being fluent in the language.

The drama is gonna be performed this Christmas and I honestly don't know what to do. We're not even ready. We agreed to practise on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday but no one is replying me when I asked them what time they can make it for practise tomorrow.

It's just so frusturating. How they don't appreciate what I've done and how much effort I've put in this. Is frusturating how I'm not given the slightest respect just because they're older than me and I'm way younger than them. It's frusturating how nobody understands. Nobody knows how urgent this is. Christmas is in a week and I just feel so stressed out.

I want this drama to at least be performed decently. I don't expect perfection. All I want is for them to put in more effort and try their best but no, it's just so hard.
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I'm with you on this. A few years ago just before Easter I did a modern day court room scene of Christ's trial, Judge, jury witnesses. I got the idea from a legal magazine (I was a paralegal at the time) a lawyer wrote, legally everything about the conviction was bogus. That started my downward spiral to walking out on the church and not looking back. That bunch hardly appreciated a thing I did or, some of the pastor's sermons were shot full of either loop holes or misinformation. I said, "I'm out of this Popsicle stand ..." # # #

It doesn't have to be perfect so just have fun with it.

I don't expect perfection. I just hope they can give their best and put in some effort, y'know? How do I "have fun with it" when they don't even care and take this seriously?!

They will when they start having fun with it. Encourage fun, not stern strictness.

I do encourage it but what am I supposed to do if they dont reciprocate

As a leader, reassign them and give someone that does want it the job.


Just stop commenting alr ure not doing any help. No one ******* understands

Ok, I'm gonna say it: You are too ******* young to understand a ******* thing! Good luck.

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