I have to wonder why i'm always alone. Nothing is random, no there is too much of a pattern in my life for it to be plain bad luck. The simplest conclusion is that i'm damaged and no one wants to deal with damaged goods. So I'm alone again, just the way i like it, right?
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Seriously, you can only change some things inside yourself. You cannot change others.
Believe me, get to know yourself, realize your own worth.

We're lonely because we are getting old.

I too feel alone......I am a 50 year old woman......Ever since I could remember I was always busy doing something.....Working raising my daughters seemed as though my life was so full. My daughters are grown.....have moved out of state......Have given me 4 grandchildren that I see on occasion .... But I am not the priority of anyone anymore. The deepest friendships that I have made and thought would last a lifetime are gone. My family has forgotten I ever existed and actually with all the abuse I suffered as a child I guess having them out of my life is for the best. But I am very depressed and feel as though no one cares if I live or die.

apparently that's a common feeling among grandparents. After the kids grow up and move away, have their own kids and get busy with their own lives it is natural to feel that way. But trust me, those grandchildren will need their grandparents in their lives. They can't always talk to their parents about everything, they will count on you and your knowledge to help them along the way too. So please try and not feel so bad, it will get better soon enough. Good luck.

I would suggest changing your username for a start. It's not exactly conducive to attracting friends. Sometimes, it's down to each one of us to go out and make things happen. You are right, many don't want to deal with damaged goods, but if you are damaged, you could try and fix the damage. If it's it sometimes is....then accept who you are with confidence, and go out and make things happen anyway. If that's too much trouble, then stay as you are, and accept that you have made this choice. There is no right or wrong, it's just a different choice. I am alone my own way....but I accept the choices I've made. I may not like them sometimes, but I made them, so I live with them. Good luck to you!

yep, im in the same boat, kids grown up and flown the nest, so did the wife not long after, we are past our sell by date, so we sit and stare at the new fangled internet and wonder were we went wrong, still we can make friends here in cyber space, its better than nothing, so chin up you are not really alone there are thousands and thousands of us, bye for now and take care my friend.