What Happened? I Use To Be Fun Right?

Seems like every time I get into a relationship it's always the same. One of the things I fall in love with is...' this guy actually likes being around me!' not long after I let myself fall it happens. They stop listening to me, they stop talking to me, and before long I'm spending Saturday night alone while my " boyfriend" is at race, fishing,... What ever. I don't know how to be someone I'm not. But how do you avoid being left behind? I don't know what happens. I don't know why it's like that. Iv even had the same job 5 yrs. Every weekend I hear the whole store talk about who's house and where it's going to be and who all is going, not once have I been invited. I think I use to be fun. I don't feel like a total stick ink the mud...
deedrabree deedrabree
1 Response Aug 11, 2012

I think you should think about what interests you. The truth is.....we are pretty much alone our whole lives even when in a relationship. It can be kind of freeing. I know that thinking about doing things on your own may be different, or even fearful, especially if your shy. However, when we seek out the things we truly enjoy, other people are ususally there too, who are interested in the same thing. We can always meet new people, and it is fun getting to tell your story all new to someone or others. I know how you feel. I raised my children, and find myself quite alone, and I even live with my boyfriend. However, I am not sure about where my life is heading. So, I decided to think of things, that would make me happy---travel, libraries, wine tasting, dance class, biking, etc. I think you need to give yourself a chance. Become you own person, and your fela will follow. Being independent, saying to the world, "I can make it my own," is very appealing to individuals. So, try it. It can never hurt. And, SMILE!!