No One Wants Me

my wife died 8 years ago christmas eve
ever since then i have not been able to enjoy life anymore
i have been trying to meet someone so i can be happy again
but no one seems to want me
the hoilday are coming again and i am alone i hate this
i just want to be happy again it feels like no one even cares anymore
tryingtofindtheone tryingtofindtheone
3 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Sometimes the universe is trying to tell us that the most wonderful person we have ever known is ourselves and it just keeps the space wide open until we really, consciously get to know and love ourselves.
We are One. When I love myself, everyone I have ever known, know or will know, is healed.

i have tried all that stuff volunteering bowling softball
nothing seems to work

<p>Sometimes when you are not trying then they will find you. So many people are lonely this time of year and need help. It would make you feel good to help others. Go visit at a senior living facility, volunteer at habitat for humanity and build someone shelter, etc. Your loved one would not want you to be unhappy and not enjoying the time you have here on earth. Go to a bowling league and see if they need a substitute, it free to you if you sub. Someone you meet there may have a friend they will invite to meet you.</p>