I Will Take All The Kicks And Punches When I Am Down But When I Get Back Up I Will Be Gone

I just recently went thru a break up, I have been with the person for 6 years. It started out just like any other relationship and its stages, we met we kissed we fell in love and now I am sheding a tear. We had so much future plans together, house, kids, careers, we can kiss that good bye. Although I am still very sad, I am glad it happend. In our 6 year relationship we was on and off for 3 years. Everytime she leaves i would feel very sad, depressed and lonely, drinking my self to sleep. This would happen for about 2 weeks til I realize what I was doing, so I picked my self up and move on. Everytime I have enough strength to move on my ex would come back to me, but not for long she is only there til she sucks up all the happiness away from then kick me while I am down. The break up, make up process would last for 3 years til she did it again this time around. She left again, i was sad but I didn't beat myself up because if she tries to come again i am gone
poeticaznguy poeticaznguy
Dec 15, 2012