Just My Story

I grew up in an abusive home. My mother physically, mentally, verbally, and emotional abused me up until about a year ago. My father verbally, emotionally, and sometimes physically abused me as well. Most of my abuse was verbal and mental/emotional though. I have two siblings, who are both 15-20 years older than I am, I was an "accident baby" born late to my parents. They have their own kids now. I've tried my whole life to be a good daughter, sister, friend, etc. but they all pushed me away. My sister has physically attacked me many times and threatened to kill me, my brother has disowned me for god only knows what reason. My sister in law used me to get closer to my brother. My father will barely talk to me, calls me psycho and tells me how happy he is now that I'm gone. His abusive behavior and addiction to lotto tickets forced me out of college, the year I was to graduate. I haven't seen my nieces or nephews in years, and I'm not invited to family gatherings at all.

I moved out 3 months ago, and fled to my boyfriend's house. They offered to let me live here with them after hearing how abusive my family was. But still, people talk over me, ignore me, and still say rude things about me to my face. I feel like I don't belong anywhere, and no one wants me around. The only person who wants me around is my boyfriend, and because of this sick spiral of abuse that happens to me I'm pushing him away.
Allyroo Allyroo
18-21, F
May 14, 2012