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its just cos im a loner, and people in my life just cant seem to understand how someone my age can go to a party and not enjoy myself,or just socialising in general, and not enjoy myself!!! they think that im just sitting in a corner feeling sorry for myself, whe the true reality is that im not feeling sorry for myself, i just want to get out of there!!! and possibly just go home!!! cos im not enjoying myself!!!

cowshed123 cowshed123 31-35, M 8 Responses Oct 14, 2009

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thank you *kwoody*!!

I guess everyone feels like this every once in a while. Hope you will be fine. Please take care.

yes *LittleLena*!! im always thankful for ep, and all my friends here, including you!! hehe (((hugs)))

you see, thats always been the problem for me, cos of my work, and i work such unsociable hours, so iv'e never really thought about joining any sort of support group or anything, but your right *LittleLena* that would be great for me, to joing some sort of support group or something like that, to enable myself to meet new people!! thanks for commenting on my story (((hugs)))

its always nice to know that there are more people like me out there!! cos as you will probably understand lol, sometimes you get that horrible feeling that you are the only person that feels this way about being a loner and not enjoying sociallising!!

OMG i am exactly the same!!!!!!

I know, don't listen to them, they just don't get it.

ok,ok lol!! maybe i should start a new group "only 1 person understands me" lol lol!!!