Today I was called mean, rude, stupid and a bully! I don't know why, and I try to be a good person to everyone but I feel like no one understands me. And this wasn't the first time either! I have friends but I don't think they like me and care if I'm alive or not! I think about suicide all the time! I think no one cares what I think feel or say, not even my family, I mean no wonder my mom gave me up when I was little! I used to think I was a good person but I don't think so anymore!
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I lived the same bad experience when I was 13. Don't worry, I'm sure the scum who treated you bad are mean, rude, stupid and bullies! All the scum has so much insults in their personalities that they can't carry on their backs. That's why they through them away to those people who aren't their faults. Don't worry. When I was insulted at first, I kept quiet, but they kept on insulting me all the time. The day I fed up, I got very angry and said something which knocked them out. That hurt them, and they never insulted me again.

It sounds like the people who called u those things were offended by you. Try asking them why they think that u are rude. Ask them politely and tell them that u are trying to work on it...because you obviously dont mean to hurt them. Maybe u have anger or patience problems? Idk. You just have to figure out why those people think that of you and work to change it. But it doesnt make you a bad person at all. You just have flaws like everyone else. I used to be REALLY mean to people in middle school. But i became a lot better because I worked on my character to become a better person.

No matter what, its not your fault that your mother gave you away. Idk what happened, but its not your fault at all.

Thank you! I don't know really how to respond to this, but it really helps a lot! I'll try!