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No One Cares

i've been alone mostly all my life.I haded friends but they all got away.I always tried to be friendly to everyone but they al go like -go away-. I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!,i cant stay alone for the rest of my life.PlEASE if theres someone out there,please PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
Dertek Dertek 13-15 4 Responses Feb 20, 2012

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Don't worry! Its pretty normal to lose gain friends simultaneously. Its part of the circle of life really. Try your hardest to learn from & enjoy the ride and as soon as you stop looking and start enjoying your own company, somebody will come to you, i promise ;-)

Dertek and taruniagarwal you are both young and have a whole life ahead of you .you need to think about what you want but in mean time youth activities like scouts and St Johns Ambulence or cadets are worth a try or some other similar movn your country's

Hi :)<br />
I feel the same way!<br />
I feel horrible in life and somethimes I wanna die because no one cares about me and I have no life worth living :/

Dertek - you are never, ever alone. <br />
Growing up is hard. Not having anyone to talk to or to confide in is even harder. <br />
I know that it is hard when we try to hold on so tight to something and they go away. <br />
Sometimes, the ones we care about the most, we must let them go, let them grow. If they come back, the relationship will be stronger. <br />
Do not let this experience deter you from branching out and finding other friends. You never know - the next person you meet around the corner could be 100 times better. <br />
I am sorry you are so sad. Tomorrow will be better.