Who Cares!

i really want to be free of my so called boyfriend he does not care anyway, i wish it were easy to let him go but i just cannot seem to release that feeling of loving him, it would be a big space in my life. hes always doing something that does not involve me and he is increasingly pushing me out of his life , i guess its my own fault though for revolving my life around him. i mean eighteen months ago noone cared for him , noone was interested in him he was a social outcast and his family just did not give a damn, now hes back on his feet with my unconditional devotion of him ( i helped him quit his drinking , help him reestablish a home, he was street homeless for a while, helped him get contact with his kids again) he just does not need or want me, its horrible to feel unwanted now , well he does not want me as before. its horrid to feel like noone cares, i am not as sociable as he is but am gutted hes no longer the integral part of my life as he was. oh well learnt my lesson , " when you realise your only friend has never been yourself or anyone who cared in the end."
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Have you told him how you feel? I suggest you do so to determine how he really feels about you. I wear my feelings on my sleeve and misjudge people often times. If you are correct confirmation will ease and facilitate the process of letting go and putting your relationship with him behind you with no regrets or animosities.

sounds like me except one specific thing. Total lack of respect and gratitude for an angel who was sent to help the self for centered vast ardent he truly must be. Move on and know karma smiles upon you.