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im failing too many classes to pass this semester even with tutors plus special ed for my math and reading. im thinking about dropping out. nobody cares anyway plus I can get my GED in like six months and that the same thing as diplomas. I want to take culinary classes and start doing stuff I care about and like earlier cause high school 3 more yrs will bea total waste if I'm failing always every class plus I don't have any real friends there. its just make more sense to me that way instead if struggling n wasting 3 years just to have people laff as I fail some more. can I drop out im only 14 so I could be professional chef faster u know?
AquilaAqua AquilaAqua 13-15, M 1 Response Dec 8, 2012

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It's not only about people caring I learned that quickly as I was going to school around your age though it would be great to have that support from our parents, teachers, and friends. There are some of us who don't get that.

It's a matter of doing it for yourself, what makes you happy. If your failing it's on your shoulders not others with school you have to want it to get it. There may be problems or issues in your life that can get you down in pursuing to get the grades you want too.

I would recommend in trying harder for yourself. The sky is endless, there is always time for change. Stay in school, it's more efficient for learning techniques we use day to day. When you get out of high school you can do anything you set your mind to. There is time for you.

Hope this has helped. Keep your head up, you can do this...

its not like I don't try cause I try really really and spend like 4-5 hours a day doing homework and I'm still behind i just don't see the point of torturing myself anymore.

It feels like your hard work isn't paying off? I understand... Perhaps it's the school your going to?

i dunno ive been to so many different schools done think it matters really all the same for somebody like me. besides im going to two different schools now cause my math an reading was so bad behind. i just can't keep trying this hard an failing all the time i mean im doing better than before the tutors and special ed classes an my grades still failing tho this semester. they wont let me try other classes until I pass these.

Aww it's no wonder why your feeling the way you do about it. The teachers should be recommending other course for you if they feel your not up to par in these courses they have you in. What grade are you in? I have a couple siblings drop out but one isn't bettering their selves neither after doing it.

im suppose to be in 9 but they give me 8 grade math, English, an literature reading classes after they find out I'm dyslexic earlier after summer classes and evaluation but it effects my math mostly it just makes no sense and English is real hard cause all the sentence parts make no sense to me too. i just want to enjoy school like all one else does an like on TV too.....real life sucks for me. ...i just want to draw paint and be a professional chef or artist....maybe both. i dreamed bout having my restaurant walls be a art gallery too. im just tired of being stuck here.

I feel for you... I wish I could provide you advice you need. I know once you're in High school you can make that choice to stay in or get out. You can do anything you set your mind too. If you feel leaving school will better your success in what you love to do, go for it. You just got to get through this year of school when you reach High school it's ultimately your choice. I wish nothing but the best for you. Follow your heart.

Thx! im trying tuff to decide if staying or not maybe I can get to cook you something awesome one day an you can be like I knew you when u were just 14 haha! Gourmet food for free.....just don't forget to say hi!! Thx

You're quite welcome. I'd be honored to try your dish and go to your restaurant when you make your dreams come true! Don't wait until I'm to old. Lol I'll defiantly say hello to you. Take care, if you ever need a friend to talk to I'm here.

Thx you are very nice person hope I meet you one day!

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