I'm Not Thought Of

I always feel like people dont care about me.  I always feel like I'm left out and the last to know things.  It often gets me down as sometimes it's nice to know others think of you and care to have you in their life :(

Today really showed this and I really feel down about things now.  I'd left a box of scarves and hats at my bf's parents.  I'd asked them to bring them as it's getting colder and I wanted to use them.  I then get a phone call from his mum saying she'd given them away as she thought they were his ex's and she'd rang her.  He's not been out with her in over 4 years!!!! I've been with him for 2  1/2 years, I've lived in their house for 2weeks as we were between flats, I live with her son.  I just cant believe she didn't even think of me.  She didn't think of my existence.  It's not a nice thing to have happen to have someone to care after knowing them for so long.  I hope this never happens to anyone else it's not a nice feeling :(

shiblet shiblet
18-21, F
Oct 17, 2009