Care Or No Care

I cry at night at the pain that will never go away. I don't tell anyone of this and don't plan to it hurt me and I am not depressed I just feel as if no one really cares. Everynow and then I see someone really does care, maybe one day I will see someone who will really care.

Dawn1105 Dawn1105
2 Responses Nov 4, 2009

I too have cry many nights over the very same thing. Thinking that this society has lost its ..its appreciation for others. It makes me sad that people don't value each feelings anymore. It sometimes feels like you are the only one with a heart. I can say hang in there but I know how hard it is when you come home and you realize how cold people can be especially for no reason. <br />
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Just try to remember that those people that do care are few and far in between. The in between sucks *** but the few is all worth it.<br />
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