Yup..i Wish I Could, Just Because I Think He Is Stupid

I must face the facts that my experiment has ended now. He is the monster i created him to be. i am kind of proud of myself. Tho he has not learned the one lesson that is most inmportant. A person must love themselves first before they can love another. He is wounded and still is in love with his X and has developed feelings for his master (me). But he now confesses that he wants to get involved with another woman who caused him great sorrow and humiliation. He says "i need to know if that relationship could have worked and i am lonely" I feel bad for this woman...to know that he & i had "something" and that he is still in love with his X and to be willing to there in his life and they are in the process of bringing it the real outside of here in comfortable cyberland. i just wanna walk up to him give a forward elbow thrust to his face and then a roundhouse kick to finish him off. look at him while hes on the floor and yell at him YOU WASTE OF FLESH.
WindyCityCat WindyCityCat
41-45, F
Jul 30, 2010