Quite Often You Darn Ignorants.

I hate it when people bully those lesser to them. It hurts me to watch and angers me to think about. I want to punch people in the face that think because of some reason or another they are BETTER than you. They are GREATER than you. When the case usually is the exact opposite.

I also want to punch all those pervs out there that have ever grabbed something he shouldn't. But that would hurt my fist from all the face I'd have to punch.

I also want to punch a lot of crminals in the face.


And someday when he is out of jail I will. He screwed up her life, and I have nightmares about him. And he deserves nothing less then my fist in his face.

So I would watch out, because my fists will be flying you f*cking jackass.

I think I will also hit my mom. But she'd hit me back pretty badly. In fact I'll wait till she hits me so its even more so justified.
relleaine relleaine
18-21, F
Aug 7, 2010