Some People Should Get Punched In The Face..

the main ones to me are....those that treat another as if he/she was saying to her/his parents....with what are u in travail or what did u beget....which is usually in the troll armory....ppl like that need a good punch in the face....its BS and no it does not make u wise to do is a flaw that will happen whenever great tribulation rises...if i was to turn somones insolence right back upon them it would be in a eternal life way...bcuz treating others this way is a path to would be in a way where i get to say ....look at me gain mercy in places you are forbidden and an everything is okay feeling.....sure...some are arrogant and such,but dude....they had a mother too...which is one of the reasons why i love being worthy of eternal life bcuz i represent love....Love On Bros....
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@nightfury44 poor one deserves that....

I can name a few but one mainly is hoothootmeow on deviantart

@ladymags glad to know that u have had a great working on far things are good,but im scared as to what the future might bring 4 me.....but yea i empathize with u... :)

Actually back in the day. I have had a great life and nothing can take that away from me. I have gone through this life so very fearless and now I am afraid. Mostly for those who have love me and or still do. This is so very unfair to them. I cannot walk. The w/c weighs 25lbs. AND IT IS NOT EVEN big enough.<br />
As in traveling around, its called a house chair and is not safe for outdoor wheeling about.

@ ladymags It must suck to be young with all those problems *winks*

Actually, I will probabley break down on the left side of my body which is doing soooo much work and then I will be bed-ridden?

Hello, You are young. Perhaps your parents deserve your wrath. I am an old woman in your world. <br />
for me I am only 57 years young and I am pissed off. I tripped over some idiots size EEEEEEE size foot, broke my ankle and the stupid *** doctors set it in the wrong cast 3xs. I'm now going to sit in this f-cking w/c for ever.