Someone's Awlays Watching.

I feel like someone's truely, always watching me.

When I take showers, when I go to sleep, when I use the bathroom, or anything.

I always have to close blinds, and close the shower curtains, when I walk into a room.

I'm so afraid.

I have no idea how I developed this stupid fear, I don't even know if there's a name for it.

But I do know that it's not normal.

11 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Schitzophrenia kicks in as a teen usually. It seems that you're in a prodromal phase. Antipsychotics are a bad name, as you don't need to be psychotic to benefit from their use.

ive never done drugs, but i am very paranoid, i have the same feelings, if i take a bathe an lay in the water i cant put my head under the water because i have a fear the some one will come over me an hold my head under the water, or at night if i walk out of my bathroom i have to shut off the light but if i do i try to slam the door really quick for the fear of some one grabbing me from the back, i can talk to people,i have to problem with posters its just i have a fear of being alone in the dark or being alone by my self in my own home i feel like some one is always around an there out to catch me by myself, it scares me an my boyfriend i feel is getting sick of always being around me 24/7. i always feel like some one is watching everything i do trying to wait till theres an easy way ti get to me,leaving to work around 10 i cant think because i have to walk to the bus stop an while im walking it feels like some one is walking behind me,i catch my self constantly looking to see if any one is there..i dont like dark places, i really need help with this but i dont know where to start..

i can agree to this to, sometimes i try to avoid eye contact idk what it is, im 18 years old.. from what i remember i didnt have this when i was 16 or w.e but wen i was 17 i started to notice it a lil beacause i used to do alotta extacy and other drugs.. sometimes i have to look in the mirror and be like wtf man like go out there youll be alright. i feel like the only way i can be around people is if im on some kinda drug and i hate it.. certain days is worse then others.. all i can say is pray for this ****** bug on ur shoulder to go away. or talk to a physiatrist or however u spell it

I am 18 years old and I have been paranoid for a long time. I can't get dressed in front of any posters that have people in them. I always think that people are watching me. I find it hard to talk to people on the internet even, because I feel like their profile pictures are looking at me. I wonder if I am just extremely self conscious or what... I don't know what my deal is.

I got the same feeling aswell but my experiences progressed...i began to see people chasing me..hear then running after me down the stairs....being held down in bed...held under water in the bath...see people in my mirrors...dream about the dead...i feel people holding me , breathing on me...i am not saying this is what is happeninf or going to happen to you obvisouly. To be honest this sounds like typical paranoia ...the more you think about it...the stronger it will get, what i do is when i here people behind me on the stairs, for example ...i force myself not to run...even though frankly i am crapping myself doing it...i still confront it...dunno if this helped x

It's so weird, like when i go in my closet or something i swear something is in there watching me.

I also wanted to add, amandalah, where you mentioned that you talk to yourself as if you are talking to someone, I do that too. Like, for example, going through a scenario of a conversation with someone out loud to myself. <br />
<br />
Anyway, that is just the half of my problems, but having a name or explanation set to this might help. <br />
<br />
Thanks for reading ^-^

Wow, I thought I was the only one that felt this way. <br />
khaostim666, I have had the exact same feeling, exactly how you described when walking up stairs at night! It freaked me out to read that!<br />
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Ever since I was young I remember feeling as though someone was somehow watching me, the posters in my room with people in them, I would hide from their eyes if I was getting dressed or something, I somehow felt like they were watching me. And still, as an adult, I feel, for example right now, that there are surveillance cameras on me or something of that nature at all times, so I am always on my best behavior kinda thing, it is so weird. <br />
<br />
I am aware that I have an anxiety disorder and I imagine that is where it stems from. Does anyone have any insightful information about this strange phenomenon? <br />
<br />
Any help is appreciated, thank you!

I have always felt this way. I can remember being 7 or 8 yrs old and thinking someone was across the road watching me in the woods acoss from my house. I talk to myself as if I were talking to someone. I am scared to even stay outside for too long. I am afraid of confrontation. I have panic attacks. I always close the blinds and lock all doors when my husband leaves and I am always scared when he is gone. I have 3 small children and am scared that my being scared all the time is ruining there chance to be a child and have fun normally! However, if they cry or something during the night I can walk across the house in the dark and be ok, but I feel like I have to rush it or run. I try to remain calm and pace myself to get there to have control of the situation.

I feel the same way too. Not all the time but usually when I'm in bed. I live in a basement apt., so my windows are on the ground floor. My neighborhood is safe and my apt is well secured, but I am constantly thinking someone is outside my window. Sometimes I even hear things, although it could be the wind or an animal.... I use cocaine occasionaly ,and I've heard you can develope pananoia ...I wonder if that's my problem...

i get the same feeling, all the time, like just now i was in the bath, and every time i closed my eyes i swear some one was in the bathroom watching me, it relly freaks me out, and when im walking upstairs in the dark i feel that some one or somthing is behind me so i have to run, i hate it, think i might be paranoid, or scitsofrenic (how ever you spell it)