As Many A Viet Nam Vet Knows..

When the going gets 'weird', the 'weird' turn PRO
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1 Response May 13, 2012

Addapt to overcome and survive , my old unit motto was Purity through Blood and Fire , My MOS was 42C40 / 91B40 ARMY Combat Medic and Brace & Limb , I was inducted into the army not so much for my brawn but brains as I am the creative type , One day on patrol it was suggested that I be the tunnel rat by the command sgt Major and the guys with us all ob<x>jected as I was the only medic with them , So while he was picking out another I stoped him and pointed out another solution , I said sarge you see that duce and a half over there loaded with flight fuel , He said what are you up to , Here's my idea , Pour the fuel down the tunnel , Take a 1/4 core of C4 and a Blasting cap & a drop line with the wires and run it down the tunnel then run the line away at least 300 yards , Connect the plunger , Fire it and watch the fireworks begin , The following went down Litterally as the ground caved in to form a cauldera and flame shot out four other escape holes , Later on when the area was secured and the bulldozers started digging it turned out to be an underground ammo dump and I walked away with a smile in the knowledge that I had still done my job In saving the lives of my troops .