Seems Like the Easy Way Out, But I Cant Leave Them.

lately i have been thinking about suicide. i cant think of any other way that would end all this s***. although i cant undo death, so if i do die i can't go back on what i've done, wereas if i cut myself i can stop it will just take time and leave scars. i've been under soo much pressure lately, i've had to be there for a friend of mine who had an abortion 3months ago and she is obviously grieving, also today i was told my friend has a small risk of having a tumour. so i now have to be there for her, and try to keep myself sane as i have exams coming up, how does someone of 16years old do all that! now suicide makes even more sense, but i can't leave my friends, when my friend who had the abortion seems to only trust me and my other friend is closer to me then any of her other friends, so i cant just leave them. I just need to put myself in hospital for a few days so i get some rest from all this.

anyone got any ideas?


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3 Responses May 3, 2007

Suicide is not the answer. What will it change? You need to deal with your problems and your life before worring about anyone else. I have thought about it before. Why? because sometimes I hate myself. I hate the things I have done and I deal with depression. Find friends who will be there for you either on line or in person. There are people out here that would never judge you and support you. You are only 16 honey, you have a whole life ahead of you so many experience you have not had a chance to experience. Be strong and when you feel suicide thoughts call a help line, talk to your family, friends, get busy. I have found helping other people and animals help me. I volunteer in my neighborhood and wtih animals. It keeps me busy and lets me see that other people have it so much worse. I am not really big on religion but I believe God would never give you more than you can handle. You can get through this!!<br />
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Suicide is the end. There is no second chances. Not only will you lose your life but your soul mate whom you may not even met yet will lose you, your family will be without their daughter. You are needed and you are here for a reason. Life will not be better without you in it!<br />
Take care of yourself and learn to say NO. Focus on yourself and worry about yourself. Honestly, friends come and go but you will remain forever with yourself.<br />
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Good luck and if you ever feel like no one is there and no one cares about you remember I do. Send me an e-mail, I always read it and will reply. Be strong!

I hate when people tell me that I am not alone....I already knew that but that doesn't help ME and what I am going thru.... I have been thinking about it for about 15 years now and I am 27. So I was 12. I attempted it 2 times but did it all wrong. My advice.... If you really wanted to die... you wouldn't be here talking about it right now... you are crying for help.... your problems are far deeper than friends problems. I know from personal experience. I was the baby of a dysfunctional family.... raped on graduation night (lost my virginity), got pregnant and had an abortion and been in abusive relationships ever since until NOW.... but those weren't JUST reasons why I wanted to die... I hated ME and still do sometimes. I wanted my personal pain to end.... take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why you hate you. Talk to me if you need to. I don't know you.... can't judge you cause I live in a glass house( know that quote can't throw stones when you live in a glass house)..... talk to help lines.... guidance counslers at school..... there are sooo many people that are there and care about your life... I am learning that myself too..... hold on baby girl...... i'll be taking the journey with you too not even knowing that I was.... =)<br />
I will always be here for you......

Well said, and analyzed. I feel the same way about myself and even though our problems are slightly different, i still hate myself, and want to die, i always wonder why would anyone want me when i dont even want myself?

You are not alone! Never ever forget that. No one or nothing is worth ending things over.<br />
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You must take care of you <b>first</b>, then you can give to others.<br />
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Please take good care of yourself.