I Want to

I agree I don't want to live anymore. Everyone would be sad for a day then get over it. I need to find a quick way, that is not very painfull and will deffinetly kill me. Any ideas?
lucey lucey
18-21, F
3 Responses Jun 25, 2007

my idea? to drive and keep driving, just drive, know any cliffs, bottomless ones, ones that will take all of your wakefulness to reach and when you do you will be asleep at the wheel, and it will be over on impact....................no seatbelt of cos, unless you want to survive and be a vegetable

Idea? There isn't one. Death is always painful and it nearly always fails when you try to get yourself there. Try to talk about it.

The only constant thing in life is "CHANGE".You are still lucky to have you're life and still have the chance for change.Just give a certain consideration on that.WE're all experiencing probs,worries,and fears just be strong in facing and have Faith in God.