A Quick Thought/idea/fantasy I Was Dwelling Over Yesterday....

I was considering 'the absurd.' As in, I was thinking about the idea that as I am only human, with a human brain, I will never have the capacity for infinite knowledge or any definitive answer to the meaning to be found in the Universe, or whether there exists any higher entity.

The absurd is the contradiction that arises from the idea that therefore, the Universe as we know and understand it has no meaning, yet we spend our entire lives paradoxically searching for meaning, within the meaninglessness. I believe in the idea that everyone invents meaning for themselves. I also believe that most people don't know this to be the case.

I say I treat the world as a playground, but I was pondering yesterday, doesn't everyone? Even though most appear not to be conscious of it?

Society is an obvious start. When you consider the meaning it implies, and the importance it proposes it holds, contrasted with the idea that the Universe is meaningless, then society essentially is just A HUGE LOAD OF STUFF WHICH PEOPLE HAVE MADE UP!

The cliche springs forth! Life is a game!

Maybe it is!

Look at everything we've built around us, physically and mentally, morally and ethically. What's right and wrong, law, processes which are implicated and propagated as 'the way to do it' I'm not speaking in a rebellious tone, purposely. I'm just encouraging you to take a moment. Imagine the Earth, surrounded by darkness. Imagine this beautiful, optimistic blue glow and imagine the atmosphere as a glass dome which encloses us. Then, keeping the entire earth in whole view in your mind, think about all of the tiny people upon it. Making art, making the rules, preaching, fighting, laughing, loving, making it up as they go! Then look at the people on the street, going about their business, thinking constantly of what they 'have to do,' because this is 'meaning' to them. If they like society, then so be it!

I think that maybe I just personally find it a shame that people become so ingrained in their surroundings, that they may never question such matters, they will remain blinded to such ideas, unprompted. It's also a shame to me that it appears these questions most often spring up when someone suffers what they deem as a tragedy, because they can't understand why the Universe as they think it has to be, hasn't worked out exactly that way.

Let's keep making things up! Then let's die!
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I've woken up in a fantastical blur today.