I Dont Know What To Do And I Feel So Alone With Everything

My mom is a 3rd stage breast cancer patient. My dad died when I was little. She is raising three children and working two physically laborious jobs. We live in an apartment building where we have tenants above us that are affecting our health and we sleep whenever they let us. We cant move out because we have a dog and 4 people living in a 2 bedroom apartment and my mom works for cash. There was construction in the building so in addition to the tenants we have huge holes left behind in our walls all over. My 21 year old sister is constantly on prescription pain killers and she sleeps all day instead of working or cleaning around the house. We cant take her to a psychologist because we dont have health insurance. We dont know what to do. My mom cries everyday and she says she is going to kill herself one of these days. We dont have any family or friends to turn to and I dont know what to do. I am a college student who works part time. I fell helpless and sad all the time and so alone.
justaloneandsad justaloneandsad
Sep 12, 2012