So Confused

I have every single symptom of bi-polar. But also feel like a ton people in one body yet i dont know which one is ME and some i really dont like. It's me with my family, me with friends. Me with new people. Me in public and me alone. Alone is the bad one. And me with my best friend in the world. I want that to be the real me but... then i feel like a liar im still the person who does the bad stuff so me with my bff is fake but yet the most real me. Now i moved and i just feel crazy and alone. I have alot of the symptoms of borderline personality disorder too. So i guess my personality is just majorly ****** up. And i worry if anyone could ever love all of them. Thats seems so impossible i just dont wanna live sometimes but no one can even tell. They think im fine but i dont think so. So yea... any advice or anything?
Cara77 Cara77
13-15, F
Dec 8, 2012