Rough Sex

It had been a very long day at work, and I just wanted to come home, and just take a nice hot shower, and relax. I was so fed up with the normal bull ****, and the drama that was going around at work. Work had started to feel like high school all over again, and I was getting into a bad mood, and just wanted to escape from all of it.

So I finally get home from a very long day at work, and in a bad mood, thanks to the fact that Florida drivers, simply just don't know how the ******* drive in this damn state. I could have have been home ten minutes earlier, but no, I wasn't.

Walking through the front door, and bumping into a bunch of ****, I know for sure, that Jim was around earlier, and he left his **** just laying around, I was bitching, and moaning the whole way to the bathroom, i turn on the shower, and wait for the water to get hot.

I ***** down, and admiring myself in the mirror, for 32 years old, I still had a very well built. I was about 5'2 and weighed about 130 pounds. had blonde hair, and blue eyes, my belly button was pierced, and I had a nice flower tattoo on my lower back.

Just as I was about to walk into the shower, Jim grabbed me from behind, yanking on my hair, and throwing me on the bed. No sooner could I say a word, and he has his tonge down my throat, kissing me more passionatlly than he has in months.

I am laying on the bed, panting, thinking to myself, why is his clothes still on, and why isn’t his ****, deep inside my wet aching *****. I just wanted to rip his clothes off, but I know that if I took over control, that I’d be so ******* lost, and wouldn’t know what to do. I snap back into reality, and I hear his screaming, “open your legs *****” I do as I am told, for I want the amazing reward.... “close your ******* eyes *****” I do as I am told, and I wait, and wait, it seems that I am waiting forever, for him to give me what I want. I want to peak, but I wouldn’t dare.

Next thing I know, I feel his big huge ****, deep inside my *****, ******* me. “Keep your damn eyes closed *****” moaning, and on the verge of ******* right there, I keep my eyes, clothes, and enjoy the amazing feeling of him deep in my *****, ******* my brains out.

I feel Jim left his Legs above my head, feeling his **** go deeper and deeper into my *****, pounding me harder and harder. I feel his balls slapping my ***, as he drives his **** into my ***** over and over again. I feel his slapping my ***, and that send me just about over the edge.

Moaning, and screaming Jim’s name, I feel my body start to shake, and my ***** tighten around his ****, I feel his tighten up as well, and Jim starts moaning, I know we are both about to *** hard. I want to just scream, and finally, with him thrusting his **** deep in my ***** a few more times, I explode all over his ****, and feel his load empty into my *****.

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