Birthday Phone Sex

We had been talking for quite some time on Ep now, and I was really falling for this guy. He was one of a kind, not only did he turn me on very much, but he was also someone who actually cared about me, and didn’t just care about getting into my pants, even if it was just in cyber world, or through text messages.

Since it was his birthday, that was only days away. I figured that it was time; I started planning him a little something special. I was still too nervous to actually act on something, but hey, it’s only your birthday once a year, and I figured that the least I could do was give him a nice call on his birthday, even if we didn’t do anything but talk, I wanted him to finally hear my voice.

We had been talking about me calling for some time now, but I was always too nervous to call him. We have also talked about me, getting into phone sex. I had never done it before, but I was very interested in how much fun it could be, even if I didn’t have to say anything the 1st time, and he wanted to be the one who I chose to do it for the 1st time.

I was really into this guy, so the day that his birthday came around. I decided to call him twice that day, the 1st time I called him, it was around midnight, and it was officially his birthday. I wanted to be the 1st one to wish him a Happy Birthday, and Just have it be a good start of the day for him, and of course, I wanted his gift from me, well one of the gifts from me, was to hear my voice for the 1st time. It went pretty well, but it didn’t last long. I wasn’t feeling that great and he was busy as well.
Well later on that day, laying in bed, texting him like we always do, he starts getting me turned on again, and next thing I know, I am touching myself, so I pull up a picture of his beautiful ****, and imagine he is stroking his ****, thinking about me, the feeling going down my spine, is amazing, and I get a text message that says,

          “I am stroking my ****, thinking your lips are wrapped around it”

That was all it took for me to get horny as hell, and to ***** down naked, and begin touching myself.
I was so aroused, and I know he was too, so I decided, if I was ever going to get the guts, to try phone sex, today would be the day. So I take a deep breath, and I call you. You pick up on the very 1st ring. I hear that you are breathing heavily, your voice, even though I have heard it before, it was so much sexier than I had even remembered.
You take the edge off of me, and you begin talking….
”Hey Miss Angel, god, I wish I was there right now, on top of you, kissing you, and trailing my lips across your body. Biting your neck, and sucking on those beautiful nipples of yours” You take a breath and continue talking…

          “Trailing my kisses down your body, as I reach your *****, seeing how wet you are turns me on so much, and I can’t help myself, your wet ***** has always been my weakness, and it has always been something that I could never get enough of, so I slide my tongue in your *****, and lick away, reaching up, to play with your hard nipples. I Love hearing you moan my name, I love knowing that I am turning you on so much. I see that you grab onto the sheets, and I hear you say, you are about to ***, so I start licking you faster and faster, and sliding a finger into your *****, ******* you with my fingers”
          “Oh god, Tony, that turns me on so much, my ***** is soaking wet, and I want you so bad” I say to you, so scared of my own voice, afraid I am going to ruin a beautiful thing. You moan, and continue talking….
“Finally, your ***** walls tense up, and I hear you moan, and scream my name and you *** all over my tongue. I just Love how you squirt when you ***, it’s so damn hot. I want to **** you so bad baby. So while you lay there, with me on top of you, I slowly slide my hard **** into your tight *****. I have never felt something so tight before baby. It’s so amazing.”
At this point, I have already had an ******, and was starting to relax, but I was way too nervous to talk, so I just there and enjoyed him talking to me, describing to me, what he would like to do to me…
“if I was there with you right now, on top of you, as I slide my ****, deep into your *****, slowly ******* you, I’d look into your beautiful blue eyes, and put my fingers through your jet black hair, and kiss you hard, and passionately. I’d speed up the pace of ******* you, sliding in side of you harder and harder, with my balls slapping your ***, as I **** you harder than anyone has ever ****** you before.”
          “Oh god baby, I am going to ***” you tell me, the thought of you about to *** deep into my ***** sends me over the edge, and I finally get the courage to say
“Oh yes, Tony, me too, I am going to *** so hard, just for you” I say quietly, but loud enough for him to hear, and soon, we are both grunting, and ******* at the same time…
“Damn Miss Angel that was the best ****** that I had ever had in my life, thank you for calling me

“Same here Tony, which was purely amazing, and thank you, for making one of my goals come true”
“And which goal would that be” Tony asked me, teasing me of course.

“The group, ‘I Love phone sex’” I tell him, blushing like crazy, and finally being able to breathe right again.

“I am glad I could be of service” he said, and I could tell just by the sound of his voice, he is smiling, from ear to ear.

“Happy Birthday Tony , this was my birthday gift for you, I hope you liked it. I will talk to you later on Ep” I tell him, and I feel so relieved to hear him say

“It was the best birthday gift anyone could have ever given me. I will talk to you later, goodbye” and he hangs up the phone.

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Jul 14, 2010