Oh! Oh! Oh!

Touch me. Come closer


Touch me here..

Send shivers through my body

Touch this. Ah, yes, this!

Feel the pulsating heat

The flowing dampness

Slide your fingers inside me

Ohhh, that feels so good!...


Oh! Oh! Oh!


Yes, Oh yes!

Kiss it now,

Kiss me there..

Your tongue....


Oh! Oh! Oh!


I can no longer control

My sweet nectar runs

along your tongue.

Dripping, hot, wet vagina...

Throbbing, tightening

Slide your pulsating huge ****

so deep inside me



Oh! Oh! Oh!


**** me! Grind me!

Push- Push it into me harder!

Oh God! I'm exploding!

Explode with me

Rub it-Rub it hard!


I'm coming! Oh, I'm coming!


Oh! Oh! Oh!


Satisfied exaustion

The throbbing beat goes on

Breathing a quivering sigh

As you slowly retract.
bettylj bettylj
66-70, F
Aug 1, 2010