The Northern Girl

The Northern Girl. Peter Carr 2010


My girl and I walk through the mountains and the lakes, we dance in the lowlands and hold each other in the downs.

Feeling the warmth of her kisses and the look in her eyes, She absolutely glitters with happiness and wanting, the feel of her heartbeat so firm and strong, wanting to be with her all the day (and night) long.

But I know her heart is with another, but for me perchance to dream, that I can be part of her tonight and hold her tight, and feel her passion say hello to mine, when we dance the dance of lovers and we whisper the language too, me saying “just how I feel and want you, all night through.”

But it is not meant to be I know that, yet my dreams hold fast, in the lands of her past, being with her at long last, scuffling our feet like kids through the high grass, blowing the fluffy seeds from the dandelion heads, sensing her warmth breath upon me, how that feels so good eternally. Feeling my passion rise as we dance over the buttercups - near a clear rolling mountain stream, she congratulating me for dancing so well, saying we are the A team.

I want to be her a team - and b and c as well - and all the alphabet too - until we reach Z and I reach the ultimate with her, now that cant be so bad, wanting her.

Wanting and touching - feeling her hand wonder beneath the belt of my jeans as we walk in the grass humming our tune, then looking up at a great big yellow moon, the touch of her fingers divine as I guide them there with mine.

She feels my love swell and move and pulse for her, like I want hers to pulse too, we lay near the freshly mown grass and enjoy our heaven, the heaven she gives me that I share with her - that is my dream saying what to do.

But’ tis just a dream I know and realise that, but she can’t blame me for imagining that I am wearing the hat that covers the head of the one she loves, showering moonbeams from above, sprinkling wonderful vibes all over her sweet body. That’s what my dreams let me do…Yet last night my dream seemed so real, she told me she loves me too, that it is not impossible to love two, each love being different to the other, but equally as enchanting and thrilling and …her lips met mine, they felt like velvet, tasted like wine, and the way she kissed so divine, she knew what she was doing - it said in her face, she wanted me too, that was no disgrace, I touched her there, beneath her skirt, that short delicious frilled laced black skirt, touched the silken undies underneath, I heard her rich deep sigh, watched her eyes close, her mouth open, her pink tongue peeping out between her soft fresh kissed lips.

Art that point we both knew what we both wanted, I let my fingers wonder as they will, teasing her new wetness around and around so soft, so divine, then her hand down to mine, it squeezed me into oblivion, helped me grow, now she knew where I wanted to go..

“Take me as you will, darling ,“ she whispered, “fill me with your warmth, your love, your deep rich wonderfully vibrant ****.”

“Baby, I will, I will and I wanted her then, straddled across my middle I sunk into the grass, she hovering over me, teasing her panties to one side, so I could see and touch her magic, so she would guide me into her magical mystery tour.

That’s how it was, between black lace and velvet, it felt so good inside, her strong pulse prompting me inwards, deeper, deeper. She whispered to me how wonderful I was, how good it was, and as she ****** me she leant down, enough to kiss my lips again, then she leaned right back and gave me her worth, rolling and twisting enjoying my all, it felt like heaven, I felt my passion rise, soon we would both reach our waterloo, she reached her ultimate passion and yelled my name, until I came - so deep and so strong.

The loving was over and it was no dream, the Northern girl was mine, it was no dream. But if she loved another I had to accept that true - “No matter it is different from you, it does not mean you will be neglected, quite the contrary, for the wonderful feeling that I have two lovers, two wonderful guys to care for me is my dream.

“When we ****,“ she said openly - it will be ours only, when I am with you there is only the one, you are my special lover, and I cherish you whole.

So the dream was true, and as she walked away into the blue, I watched her sway, the way she walked, the way she turned to wave goodbye, soon I would have her again and again on high, so I would love her the way she wants - and that is how it was, never the two guys should meet,, that is how she wanted it and that is how it stood.

But it was just a dream it would seem, and when I woke seeing her eyes staring into mine, she asked what was all that about sharing and I said “what?” and she replied, “you, talking in your sleep like that, I would never ever share you with anyone!”



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Aug 14, 2010