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Some people say it is wrong to want to have sex with a relative. Others think it is wrong to have sex with someone not your wife. Then there are those that enjoy sex with a relative, especially a close relative, like a sister, mother, daughter, aunt, cousin or niece. I am one of the latter. I enjoy sex with all of them, or would if I could or had a chance, and have with some of them. I must say, that each one of them was special in their own way. Each one different, each one exceptional. None were forced or intimidated to do anything. Heather was my cousin. I won't say favorite because they were all my favorite. She was about 5 ft, 100 pounds, 15 years old. Cute as a bugs ear, with petite breasts and small nipples. Just like I always liked. Breasts just big enough to fill my hand and my mouth. Our fun began, one day when I was visiting my aunt Julie. My dads younger sister. She herself was a real looker. Not any bigger than her daughter. Some people even said they looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. I was 19 at the time and like any other horny teenage boy, always looking for a girl or woman that I could entice to have sex with me. My aunt, little did she know, set the whole thing up for me when she ask me if I would stay with Heather for a week. She told me she had to go on a business trip and would be gone for a week. She did not want Heather to be alone, or miss school, because she was staying with another relative in a near by town. Naturally, still living at home with mom and dad, I was glad to get the chance to be out on my own, even if it was only for a week. Even better was the fact that Heather and I would be alone together. Yes, I had noticed her before and had fantasized about her more than a few times. Of course I had also fantasized about her mother, and her and her mother together. I was still wishing that would be a dream come true. Little did I know that my chance for both was coming. When I walked into their house, my aunt came up and gave me a hug and a kiss and told me she was glad to see me and that she appreciated my staying with Heather. We sat around drinking coffee and talking for a long time. It was late when we finally went to bed. The next day being a Saturday, Heather didn't have to go to school, but having been busy at school with her sports, she was tired and went to bed early. No, my aunt and I did not do anything. She went to bed in her own bed and I slept on the couch. I would be sleeping in her bed the rest of the week. The next morning, having to catch a plane early, My aunt and I were both up and dressed. I told her I would take her to the airport, but she said that another employee that was also going on the business trip was going to drive them. It was around 8:00 am when her ride came. She hugged me and gave me another kiss, this time on the lips, and one that you could not really consider as being an aunt kissing her nephew. Heather came out of her bedroom just before her mother left to tell her goodby. She was wearing a nightgown that only came down to less than mid thigh. I was surprised she came out without a robe on. I could just make out the nipples topping her perfect petite breasts and her slightly darker area of pubic hair covering her pubic area. I was surprised she came out that way. Her mother did not say anything to her, just hugged her and kissed her. When she was ready to leave, she told me to take care of Heather. Then looking at her daughter, smiled at me and told her to take care of her cousin and make sure he did not want for anything. Heather smiled at her mother and told her she would, that she was sure we would have a good time together, while she was gone. I did not catch the under meaning of their words until later. After her mother left Heather and I sat around the kitchen table talking about a little of everything. We talked about her athletic abilities, especially, in gymnastics. She suddenly got up and told me she was going to show me something she had learned a couple of days before. Standing up, in her almost shear night gown, she bent over backwards, with her hands on the floor. Her petite lithe body forming a perfect arch. In that position, her nightgown pulled up and I could see through her shear white panties and plainly see her well trimmed pubic hair. I watched as she slowly, walked her hands, head and shoulder between her legs, until both arms were completely through. She was, I guess you could call it standing, with her lithe young body in an O. Her night gown had pulled completely up and fallen down around her waist, leaving her naked except for her thin white panties. In the position that she was in I could not only see her thin dark pubic hair, but I could also see her thin ***** lips. Her panties were wet with her own vaginal fluids. I knew that she was becoming aroused at what she was doing, letting me watch her. She knew I could see everything that she had. With her panties being so shear and so wet, her thin, virginal ***** lips were plainly visible. It was like she was not wearing any panties at all. Watching her, my **** had risen to the occasion and I had to adjust it in my pants it was so uncomfortable. Heather held that position for at least a couple of minutes. Then walked her feet over until she was laying prone on her stomach on the floor. She was not the first girl I had seen that could do that. My sister when she was younger could also do it, but she had never done it dressed like my cousin had just done. Oh yes, the way she was laying on her stomach on the floor, I could also see down her nightgown and see her bare breasts and nipples. Damn, I thought, this is going to be an interesting week. Heather finally got up, and standing right in front of me, giving me an even closer look and her petite body, told me she was going to take a shower. She then told me that I could wash her back if I wanted too. Little did she know just how much I wanted too, but decided not this time. She actually looked disappointed when I told her no. Of course her smile lighted up when I added, "Not this time." "Ok, then next time," she said, looking me right in the eyes. I did not answer but just stared and her petit buttocks wriggling as she walked away. I had a hard time, getting my **** to lose its hardness. I did not go into the bathroom and beat off, because I quickly realized that I might just make my fantasy come true with her. If it did I wanted all of my ***** to fill her ***** cavern. All most an hour later Heather came back out dressed in a blouse that just barely covered her petite breasts and short shorts that left half of her *** cheeks bare. I wasn't sure that her mother would approve, but I sure as hell was not going to complain. She was also not wearing a bra and her nipples showed plainly through the almost blouse. It being summer time and only a couple of weeks until school was out, Heather did not have any school work to do so we spent the entire day, walking around town, window shopping and just talking. She introduced me to several of her friends, most of whom were as cute as she was. All of them were dressed similar to how she was dressed. As each one left, she told me which ones were virgins and which ones were *******. She also told me who they were *******. She even knew which one's were ******* their fathers or brothers or both. Naturally, being quite excited to hear which ones were and who they were, I did not say anything about the way she was talking. In fact it was quite exciting hearing her talking about them *******. She even told me that they had told her in detail, how they had lost their cherry, what it felt like when whoever it was that ****** them shoved their ***** in taking their virginity. I was walking around with a hard on that I had trouble hiding. I know I was not able to hide it from her. We stopped at a restaurant for dinner before we finally went home. Heather had to sit right next to me and kept rubbing her leg up against mine. Whenever I would look at her I would see a big smile.

After dinner we returned home. Because it was now after 9:00 PM, Heather went into her bedroom to get ready for bed. I was wondering what she would be wearing with her mother gone. I was soon to find out. About 15 minutes later Heather came out of her bedroom. I was sure glad that her mother was not there. She was dressed only in a shear nightgown that left nothing to the imagination. Her small petite breasts and her ***** and pubic hair were plainly visible. The gown just barley covered her ***** while she was standing. She was not wearing any panties. Heather walked out of her bedroom and into the kitchen without stopping. Every step she took I could see her bare buttocks flashing from under her short nightgown. When Heather walked out of the kitchen and over to the couch where I was sitting, with every step I could see her bare young almost hairless *****. When she flopped down on the couch right next to me, her gown pulled up around her stomach and left her pubic area completely revealed. What pubic hair she had was a dark silky brown, well trimmed. Her thin ***** lips were glistening with her own vaginal fluids. I had a hard time to keep from just staring at her. Heather sat there only a couple of minutes stood up and told me she wanted to show me some of her gymnastic movements. She started of by stretching, then went into some routine, beginning with a twirl, which made her gown flow up around her waist, leaving her naked from the waist down. She then done a couple of cartwheels. She stopped looked at me, then pulled her gown up over her head and dropped it on the floor. As she ******** her gown off, she told me that it was hindering her movements. I sat there for another ten minutes watching that naked young thing make movements with her lithe young body that I never even knew existed. Have you ever watched a naked young 15 year old nubile lithe virginal teenager contort her lithe young nubile body into positions you never knew the human body could sustain? Well I did. My **** was so hard it hurt. Finally she stopped and walked back over to the couch. This time though instead of flopping down on the couch she sat on my lap and put her arms around my neck. "What do you think, Uncle Charlie?" she ask. I didn't know what to say. I just sat there with a naked young desirable teenager on my lap. I was unable to resist any longer. I put my arms around her naked body and pulled her against my chest. God her silky smooth skin felt good in my arms. When I pulled her to me, she leaned forward and kissed me. At first she was unsure, but as we continued kissing, her sweet young lips began to quiver and move and become softer. As we kissed I caressed her petite body from her knees to her throat. I run my hands over her entire body, finally coming to her small pert breasts. I heard her moan as I cupped her breast in my hand loving the feel of its firmness. I could feel her small hard nipple pressing against my palm. For the next half hour, I enjoyed Heather's body. I loved the feel of her nipple and breast in my mouth as I sucked it. First one then the other. With out thinking I bit them leaving my teeth marks covering them. All Heather did was moan with the pleasure pain she was feeling. I was surprised at how wet her ***** was when I did finally slip my hand down and slip my finger between her thin ***** lips. Heather's young body actually jumped when my finger slipped smoothly across her tiny clitoris. I finally moved her from my lap and stood up. I picked her light body up in my arms and carried her to her bedroom, laying her on her bed. I quickly undressed and lay down beside her. Pulling her small naked frame up tight against mine. I could feel my hard **** pressing against her pubic hair and stomach as it was squeezed between us. Heather's young body seemed to move slightly as it pressed against mine. Her young body, seemed to just naturally move in a sexual way. I gasp as I felt her small hand wrap around my **** shaft. Her first touch of a man's ****. Again she just naturally seemed to know what to do and how to move. I could not take it very long and had to pull her hand from my **** just to keep from *******. I finally rolled Heather over on her back and slowly spread her legs wide exposing her tight virginal ***** completely to my eyes. The first man to see this young imp naked and the first to gaze on her virginal woman hood. Knowing I was also the first man to touch her small **** and virginal ***** was something I would not forget. Once I had Heather's slim legs spread I slowly crawled between them, pulling myself up until I felt my **** head press against her hot wet thin slit. I leaned forward placing a kiss on her sweet lips. While I kissed the young girl, I reached down and guided my hard **** to her virginal vaginal opening. I almost *** when I felt the tip of my **** touch her hot moist opening. I did not slip it in immediately, I slowly rubbed it up and down from her entrance between her thin ***** lips up to and across her sensitive responding clitoris. Heather moaned with my lips still pressed against hers, my tongue petting hers between her soft kissable sweet lips, as my **** head spread her virginal ***** lips and caressed her small hard ****. I could feel her small petite body squirming under me as she seemed to be trying to get me to enter her with my hard ****. I guided my **** to her opening once again and pressed it against her entrance. I slowly applied pressure and felt my **** head slowly spread her entrance as it stretched her wider and wider. With my **** entering her tight hole her wriggling became even more pronounced and seemed to be trying to suck more and more of my **** into her. It was harder and harder to keep from ******* before I even got my **** into the girl taking her virginity. I had to stop applying pressure until I could compose myself. Once I had myself in hand, I once again applied pressure and was awarded with the head of my **** slipping fully into her tight *****. It was hard for me to keep from just ramming my **** into the young girl, her tight ***** was so hot. I made myself slowly **** just the head of my **** in and out of her, the head pressing against her hymen each time I slipped it in. Heather was moaning and groaning with a mixture of pain and pleasure as her entrance stretched and adjusted to the large **** head now invading it. Once she seemed to be comfortable with her ***** entrance full of my **** head, I pulled back and then suddenly lunged forward, quickly driving my **** through her hymen, stopping with half of my **** buried inside of her. She gave a short scream from the pain of losing her virginity, then lay without moving as I did, until her tunnel adjusted to the large **** invading it, stretching it wide. Once she seemed comfortable with the **** invading her, I slowly worked it in and out of her, until my **** head was pressed hard against her tight young cervix. Heather did cry out but softly as my **** head plunged in and pressed hard against her cervix. Once her hot, tight, wet tunnel adjusted to the **** penetrating it, I began to **** my **** in and out of her with relative ease. Soon, Heather was moving her hips around and around, up and down and back and forth almost at the same time, as I pounded my **** in and out of her. Very quickly it seemed I felt her vaginal muscles spasm and milk my **** like a pulsating milking machine. I was unable to withstand the feeling and drove my **** in as deep as I could and coated her vaginal tunnel and cervix with my hot *****. The thought of my ***** fertilizing one of her young eggs, never entered my mind. Heather's ****** just seemed to increase as my hot ***** coated her sensitive cervix and flowed into her even more sensitive womb. When her ****** faded, we lay quietly with my **** buried as deep in her tight ***** as I could get it. I don't know how long we lay that way, but it was not long before my **** once again hardened from her pulsating vaginal muscles and we were soon, engaged in the art of two ******* colliding. We were successful as her ****** and my second one came at the same time and I added another load of hot fertile ***** to that already coating her cervix. Well, for the next week, we spent more time in bed ******* than we did at anything else including eating. Heather soon became and expert at how to please me with both her mouth and her tight teenage *****. I would never have expected she would become so good in such a short time. Always, every time we ****** I left a load of hot fertile ***** in her young womb. A very fertile womb, I was to find out later. Heather knew it was her fertile time of the month but didn't say anything because she wanted the experience of losing her virginity and being out and out ******. She knew she was taking a chance but decided that she did not care and wanted to feel a hard **** and hot ***** in her, not a rubber covered *****. She could use a hard rubber ***** anytime, She wanted to feel a hard hot, pulsating bare man's **** in her and wanted to feel the hot ***** coating her ***** walls. Well she found out what it felt like, lots of time during that week. Morning, noon and night we ******, until I couldn't hardly even think about getting a hard on anymore. That lasted for one day, then back to the fun. When my Aunt Julie returned home, she was in an extremely good mood and was excited about her trip. She said she had a great time. When she ask how it went with us, Heather in a straight face told her that we had enjoy a great week together. That we had never hardly left each others side, even to go to the bathroom or take a shower. At first I did not catch the play of words the was being used between mother and daughter. Until they continued their play on words. "Well", my aunt said, "did you hold it for him?" "Oh yes, mama" Heather said "and he has a big one" "I'm glad of that sweetheart" Aunt Julie commented. Did he cultivate the garden?"She ask. "Yes mama, and he planted a lot of seed in it." "Do you think the seed will grow" Aunt Heather ask her daughter. Oh yes, I am sure it will mama, he planted the last load of seed this morning, just before you got home." That's great sweetheart.? My Aunt told her. Now I may be dense, but I finally caught on to what was going on. I had been set up. Set up by my aunt and my cousin. They had planned on me ******* her, taking her virginity and knocking her up. That I couldn't understand, why my Aunt wanted my cousin to get ****** and pregnant. Finally they looked at me and started laughing at my consternation. "Charlie" my Aunt said, "Yes, I knew that Heather was going to get you to **** her and try to get her pregnant. We have talked about it ever since you told us you were coming to visit. Heather wanted to know what it was like to be ******, but did not want just anyone to take her virginity. When we found out that she would be fertile during the entire week I was going to be gone, we decided that it would be exciting having you **** her and get her pregnant. Now you two are going to have to tell me all about it. But we will wait until we go to bed tonight. You can tell me about it laying in bed. That I was mystified with. Until later when she told us both to come to bed in her bed because it was a king sized bed. Well, I was thrilled when they had me get in the middle and one of them lay on each side of me, completely nude. I finally had an inkling as too what was going to happen this night and I was right. While Heather told her mother all about losing her virginity and us ******* almost all the time, Aunt Julie lay pressed up against me, fondling my **** all the time. She even pulled one of my arms around her and held my hand on her petite bare ***. After Heather had told her mother everything, my aunt leaned down and licked my **** head, then slipped it into her mouth and sucked it. I didn't really know what to think, my aunt sucking my **** in front of her daughter whom I had probably impregnated. It did not stop there. Aunt Julie, straddled me and set herself down on my hard **** plunging it deep inside her own *****, right in front of her own daughter. She was soon ******* herself up and down on my ****, the same **** that had taken her daughter virginity, while that same daughter watched. Heather almost cheered when she watched her mother reach her peak and her ****** swept her body, as my ***** also coated her cervix and flooded her womb. For the rest of the night, none of us slept, I had my **** imbedded in one or the other of the two women. Between ***** when we were laying and talking Aunt Julie told me that I was the first man too **** her for several years. Her husband had died several years before. She also told me that she and Heather both wanted me to get them pregnant. They wanted to be pregnant and have their baby's about the same time. My week stay, turned into a two month stay. You can imagine what I was doing most of the time, with two hot women who both wanted to be pregnant by the same man. Well they got their wish, About three or four weeks after the first time, they both tested positive. Then they both ****** me celebrating me getting them both pregnant. Right at nine months later, my cousin Heather had a beautiful little baby girl, a week later her mother had a beautiful little baby boy. They were elated. I guess I was too, because they both wanted me to come visit them in about three months. And stay for two or three weeks. They both said that would be the best time of the month to visit them. You can bet that I told them that I would be there.


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