Sometimes when I'm in the mood I can write & write & write for weeks or months on end like it was an Olympic sport :D
However at the moment I have writers block!
I sooooo hope to get back in the mood for writing again soon :D
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I completely understand how you feel. Although I always keep about two or three writing projects going at once, there are times I just get so stumped and can't go any further. I get really frustrated by it, and the only way I can release that frustration is by writing erotic stories. By the time I get done with that, I find that it's easy to get back to my original projects.

At least you have fun releasing the frustration.

Yeah, as long as I'm not in tears while doing it. lol

I hope you do too. I love reading my buddies stories!! :)

thanks buddy :D

Hopefully EP will give you ideas soon.

Great ! Hope something turns out, in your own time.^_^

Thank you so much :D