It's Normal To Me

i feel lonely a lot, especially now. i feel like noone understands me, nobody cares... i have noone to talk to about simple things, i don't have true friends. i'm so sad in my heart. i'm scared that i wont find anyone who will love me, take care of me. I just want to lay in bed not thinking about anything :(
secrloner secrloner
18-21, F
4 Responses Jul 21, 2011

Wow!! That's just unreal. These are the exact same thoughts that I have, and today it became too much. The result is me being here searching for a place where I can this. I completely understand your feelings.

I'd talk to you: today, tomorrow, and every day that you need me too !!!!

I feel lonely sometimes too, I just don't entertain negative thoughts..<br />
<br />
but if you need to talk... just inbox me... I'm not a good adviser, but I'm a good listener.. =)


yeah... i'm sure you do