As much as I hate stories written this way,
I have to start with the end then go back to the first day we saw each others in 7th grade
The last time we were with each other was the first 7 day in January 1967 when we both had R & R and we took in Japan, and we stayed with the family of our boss when we were younger.

We had a great last few days enjoying each other and the sites I was there with Roberta and my partner wife joined us there also, really the girls were they a day ahead of us so they got to talk a little bite about us, and get to know each other.
On 1.9.1967 we were informed that we were being recalled for a rush mission of a ****** and grab sky hook operation schedule for us to depart on 1.13.1967. Our flight was moved up to leave on the 10th of January. it was a sad day to depart but we all had made plans for June when our tour was up.

We were all going to meet in meet in Santa Cruz California, where mike was from and it was easy for us as we had our grandparent’s cabin to stay in. It was a long quite flight for both of us as I still had many question I wanted to ask but I had gained a lot more information, and passed on to our boss to see what he could get and he ask if I would like her moved to our unit and told yes if he could and he smiled.

We did talk the morning on the January 13 as we were waiting for our plane to the debarkation point. Roberta said her mother was going to leave the person, she married. As something had happened there, that she could not talk about right then. Our grandfather and our other friend, was going to see if he could get her out of the USMC on a false enlistment. Then Roberta said her boss wanted to talk to her about a transfer request for her to special operations.
As we departed the airbase for the debarkation point we talked about the mission to us it was just a trash mission the target was only a secondary target on our list we were not even go far into Indian country it was a quite flight as the pilot announced we will be on the ground in about 20 minutes as we just kicked back and finish the soda we had as a song came on the radio “ The Bloody Red Baron of Germany” then the whole plane felt like it was being tore apart and started to fall.
I remember the crash and hitting the ground and a lot of other screaming as mike was trying to get me out of the plane then nothing for almost 6 months.
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